Plastic Dryer Vents

            Think for minute. If you have high heat blowing through a lint filled air duct, do want that duct to be plastic or heavy metal? Hopefully you said heavy metal to yourself. Unfortunately, builders can often carelessly overlook this fact and use plastic hoses in place of metal dryer duct. That sets for a fire waiting to happen!

           We have been to numerous houses around San Antonio and Austin that were built with plastic dryer vent in the walls. Here is a list of issues with this.

·      Foremost, it can not be cleaned at all

·      Homeowners unsuccessfully clean it themselves creating more problems

·      Cleaning tools shred through the plastic altogether or the tools break inside the duct

·      The plastic is an obvious fire hazard as it catches flame very easily

           So how do you know if you have plastic duct work? Just simply look. Try to tract the dryer vent through the wall and/or attic and make sure it is all metal. But, there is one major caveat. The dryer vent may appear to be metal from all that is exposed, but sometimes the builder will use plastic in subflooring or tight areas that you can not actually see.

           We recommend you call a professional dryer vent cleaning company like us to go complete a thorough cleaning and if there is plastic duct work we can do our best to provide solutions. Remember it is important to get a dryer vent cleaning at least every two or three years, and ideally annually.