Moist dryer vent

We recently received a service request from a customer regarding moist clothing even after two cycles. When we examined the dryer vent and found the exit point outside we found that the vent had a screen on it. The screen was catching all the lint and it created strong seal of lint not allowing any air to flow out of the dryer vent. Once that happens moisture develops inside the dryer vent and pushes all the way back into the dryer.

When we removed the dryer hose there was half a gallon of water sitting in the hose behind the dryer because moisture had built up for for years. This family was taking two to three cycles to dry clothes and thought it was just the way it worked until one day they had a family friend recommend us to clean their dryer vent. We cleaned the dryer vent, installed a new magnetic dryer vent cover outside, and installed a new fire safe hose.

If your clothes are moist from the dryer and it is taking more than one cycle, then it’s time to give us a call and get it cleaned out.