Dryer vent roof caps

If your dryer vent runs through the attic up through the roof, there is a very good chance you will have issues with your dryer vent. Homes in Austin usually have attics so builders make use of the space by installing duct work through them. When builders install dryer vent duct work through attics it is typically not something they spend a lot of time on. It is not uncommon to see duct work falling apart or not properly set up to vent outside.

In most cases we can restructure duct work in an attic and install a great roof cap for the dryer vent. If your duct work is in good shape, there is also a good chance you do have the proper roof cap for your dryer vent. Again, most builders quickly throw a cap on that is outdated and inefficient for a dyer vent. Most caps don’t vent properly and they actually cause more harm by building up lint clogs, allow pests to nest, or have a screen!

So most recently we went to a house and found a roof cap that literally was a cap with no vent at all! Not sure how that makes sense for a dyer vent. Needless to say their dryer was not working. The air flow was pushed back so much that the hose was full of water and they complained of their clothing being moist. Don’t worry, we got everything cleaned out and a new roof cap installed.

Don’t wait any longer to get your dryer vent cleaned. And if you have a roof cap, call us to install a new and proper cap for you. Stop wasting electricity and living with a serious fire hazard.