clothes not drying?

Your dryer vent is probably clogged, Don't go buying a new dryer just yet.

If your clothes is not drying it is most likely because the dryer can't vent properly. The dryer vent needs to be cleaned annually to ensure proper efficiency and fire safety. 

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Some people may call it a dryer duct or dryer vent but it is the same thing. On the back of your dryer there is a small piece of metal duct/vent sticking out. That is the exhaust. From there you have a hose connected to the duct/vent exhaust attached to the duct/vent that should be in your wall. Your hose should be flexible and heavy metal. Not plastic! That's a serious fire hazard.

The 4" metal duct/vent then travels through your walls and either up through the roof or out the side of the house. It exits through a vent that should have a flap. It is now a Federal Building Code requirement that all dryer ducts/vents have flaps on them. Not screens! This allows for better air flow and it's another fire prevention attribute. Dryer ducts/vents get clogged with lint, that is normal. When your dryer vent is clogged the air that should be exhausting outside is getting pushed back into the dryer causing back-pressure and eventual malfunction. According the National Fire Protection Association there were over 15,000 dryer fires in the US in 2010. 

So when do you clean your dryer duct/vent? Manufacturers recommend you clean your dryer duct/vent once a year and so do we. To ensure efficiency of your dryer and fire safety it is important to keep your dryer duct/vent clean. A dryer is a simple machine and it should last a very long time as long as the dryer duct/vent is cleaned properly and routinely. This will also keep your energy bill low as the dryer is right below your A/C unit in energy consumption.